Empowering changemakers and creating an ecosystem that fosters collaboration to improve education in Belgium.

Our vision is to offer each child in Belgium an education system that develops his full potential and ensures his fulfilment.

Be education was created in 2019 by a philanthropic foundation in partnership with front-line actors.  Our mission is to support citizens’ initiatives and create an ecosystem to foster innovation and collaboration to transform education in Belgium.

Our Values


We support initiatives that address the root causes of the issues and aim to reach as many children as possible.


We encourage, value and support citizens and charities that are committed to improve the quality of education.


We firmly believe in the levers of cooperation for greater impact.


Empathy with anyone involved in education (teachers, entrepreneurs, heads of schools, pupils, parents, social workers etc.) drives our actions and activities.

Situation and Issues

The Belgian education system is qualified as “good” by international standards but is still marked by very high inequalities and a lack of support and training for its professionals. A system that is sometimes out of step and not adjustable to a fast changing world.

Many initiatives from outside the main education system, whether within Belgium or internationally, offer solutions to some of the problems inside the system. Many of these have replicable models which offer the potential for accelerated distribution and therefore positive impact on a large scale. However, these initiatives often lack resources and support and act in a fragmented way.


Our Actions

In response to these challenges, Be education is the first catalyser, accelerator and incubator in the education sector in Belgium.

1. Train & Support

  • We offer workshops that promote the sharing of  best practices, the development of skills and the enhancement of knowledge in the sector. We also provide tools and resources related to the different aspects of the sector and information on its evolution.

  • Attention & Guidance: Be education is a point of contact for innovative projects and guides initiatives in the Belgian ecosystem. To this end, we are in permanent contact with an extensive network of public bodies, companies and associations that trains, supports and funds education initiatives.

2. Connect

Be education promotes collaboration between initiatives through events and roundtables as well as on a daily basis through connections with key players, technical experts, opinion leaders and other influencers of the sector.

3. Incubate

We incubate early stage projects for a 12 month period and offer them coaching, training, access to a vibrant community and highly subsidised office space. More information about our incubator here. Accelerate: We provide individual coaching and support to leaders of system change organisations to scale up their initiative nationally and grow their leadership for more impact. 

4. Promote

Be education promotes the visibility of projects and is a point of contact for every person willing to learn about innovations and solutions to improve the education system. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who do we support?

We provide information to any social entrepreneurs who is willing to make a change in education, just sign up to our newsletter or contact us.

We incubate 4 to 5 projects a year – click here for more info about our application process

We invite a limited number of projects to join our accelerator programme following the selection criteria below. We select projects in partnership with philanthropic foundations.

Impact: The project impacts in school for children aged between 3 and 18 years old and has the potential for systemic impact, i.e. it can be deployed nationally and reach the largest number of children.

Necessity: The project addresses one of the major challenges of education in Belgium (dropping out of school, inequity, support for actors on the ground, strengthening of the fundamentals from pre-school onwards) etc.

Entrepreneurship: The project leader has the ambition and ability to carry out his mission successfully.


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