Be equipped, be connected, be confident, to transform education in Belgium


At Be education we believe that schools perform better when they collaborate with an ecosystem of innovative and complementary organisations.


At Be education we believe that many innovative and complementary organisations need to be strengthened and work collectively for more impact.


At Be education we believe that creating dialogues and collaborative spaces between innovative organisations and key stakeholders will accelerate schools transformation.


An innovative and collaborative ecosystem to bring positive and efficient change in the school system in Belgium.


Be education unites, reinforces and connects innovative organisations to accelerate the school system transformation ​

UNITE : Be education identifies and unities organisations working with schools and teachers for pupils aged 3 to 18 years old impacting four areas :

  • Decrease inequalities and dropout rates
  • Increase learnings in STEMS and 21st century skills
  • Improve well-being in schools.
  • Prepare young people to act as responsible citizens.


REINFORCE : Be education strengthens these organisations through training, support and access to resources.


CONNECT : Be education connects its members to key stakeholders to improve their visibility and encourage collaboration for efficient transformation within schools.


Continuous improvement

Our members have the will to improve their strategies, services and posture to better support the school system transformation in Belgium.


Our members are open to share best practices and take collective actions to accelerate change in the system.

Systemic Impact

Our members have the ambition to impact the entire school system and reach a maximum number of pupils in Belgium.

What we do for and with our members

Formations Be education

Give access to resources and knowledge

Be education provides resources and knowledge through : newsletters, online tools, webinars and access to a coworking space in central Brussels.


Be education invites its members to its stimulating and motivating coworking space at BeCentral where we bring together the right energies to achieve our mission.

Facilitate workshops and best practice sharing

Be education facilitates tailor made trainings and workshops to foster continuous improvement and collective intelligence.

Discover our 2021 agenda.

Be education collaboration
Mise en réseau coworking

Connect and provide networking opportunities

We encourage daily collaboration within our community during formal and informal meetings. We enable collaborative actions and provide networking opportunities with key stakeholders and opinion leaders in the sector.

Let’s transform education together !